Knights for Christ is an evangelistic ministry with a vision to reach men, to change lives around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a 18 week discipleship course that will provide them with a solid foundation as a Christian Man. We invite you to browse around our website and learn a little bit about our ministry. Our desire is to build a ministry of 100,000 Knights by the end of 2013 to be watchmen for their communities nationwide. We want you to obtain the prestigious title of Knight and join the brotherhood of Knights world-wide. We want you to dedicate your life to a life of Chivalry and Servitude like all the Knights before you!

      -- Sir Keith Irons, President



If you're looking for something that will empower, motivate and give you purpose in life, something that will allow you to serve God, attain personal growth and be a servant of others; then Knights for Christ is for you! As a Knight for Christ, you will join thousands of other men around the world that have taken the oath of joining the exclusive order of Knighthood! There are no joining fees or membership fees just an oath to God, yourself and family.


How to become a Knight

  1. Enroll and register in the course
  2. Complete the 18 week online course (it takes about 1 hour a week or 15 minutes a day) "trust me when I say, you will try to skip ahead"
  3. Be commissioned as a Knight either in your church or by phone
  4. Be part of a ministry or just be there for your community by standing out front

Why become a Knight

  • Knights for Christ is a ministry that bring men from all walks of life to stand for one thing and that is to serve the one and only God.
  • It doesn't matter your religion but that you serve GOD and believe in Jesus Christ.
  • The course offers men the opportunity to become stronger and stand-out in their communities as helpmates and watchmen.
  • It allows those who want to talk to kids and families across the country about honor and respect and a chance to have an individual ministry.
  • Knights for Christ is about you and you being part of something great! A brotherhood with a motto that 'no one stands alone'. Sometimes you need someone and we are here for you.
  • You ask 'why', I say 'why not'.  Belong to something that promotes you as a christian man, that challenges you and completes you while helping others.
  • There are no contract, applications or experience, just a 'Higher Standard'.

Myths about the program

  • I don't want to be pinned down in a ministry - Knights for Christ is a 100% volunteer program.
  • Do I have to have a church or can Knights for Christ be my church - Knights for Christ is a ministry where we bring men together to become stronger Christians. We want you to have a church home in your neighborhood with Godly leadership. You can still go to your church or any church you would like, also for those that do not have a church, we only encourage them to find a good bible based church.
  • I don't want alot of people calling me - Knights for Christ is about you and the time you spend with your family. We respect that and 99% of contacts will be through this site and/or email.

Our Leadership is diverse and positions are filled by members across the world.

Knights for Christ is broken down into four Services serving communities around the country

Empowerment Services - Empowerment

Discipleship Services - Serves as the Knight Directors in every country, state and county around the world

Training & Education Services - Responsible for Training and educating Knights within the Knights for Christ program and in cities abroad

Evangelism & Outreach Services - Ministries

Leadership Team

Superior Officer - President & Vice President of Knights for Christ

Senior Command Officers - Vice President of the above 4 services above - Responsible for setting strategic goals to empower, promote Knights within Knights for Christ and reach those that are lost around the world.

Chief Command Officers - Officers responsible for individual sections to promote operational plans and ideas

Staff Directors- Manages all ministries, set procedures for better ways to reach the lost within our hospital, street, school and outreach ministries

State Command Officers - Overall in charge of Knights within their States to sets state objectives for Knights to reach their Christian goals and to save those that are lost, evangelize within states and visit Churches within states.

State Sfaff Directors - Manage all Empowerment and ministry programs within the state.